Sunday, January 15, 2017

Friday Flashback: Industry in the Hunter

From the Maitland Mercury report:
The Hunter has always been an industrious region. Take a look at our proud working past.

Full pictorial article available at Maitland Mercury, 13 Jan 2017.

Demolished Sydney

This summer the Museum of Sydney will host Demolished Sydney, an exhibition exploring the buildings that once shaped the city’s skyline, from the convict built Commissariat Stores to the city's last island of industry, the Kent Brewery. 
Curated by Dr Nicola Teffer, the exhibition examines the histories of 13 sites and asks, what are the forces that have shaped our changing city and how do we value and preserve the heritage of the city we inherit?
19 November 2016 - 17 April 2017             Museum of Sydney

Friday, January 6, 2017

History Council of NSW new programs

The History Council of NSW launched two new programs to begin in 2017: an expansion of our popular Speaker Connect program, and a brand-new Internship program.
We have already received some fantastic applications, and can't wait to get started. If you're planning your new year of programs, don't miss out on being a part of these new initiatives. Share your history and expertise with us, or gain some experience to boost your resume.

New South Wales State Records name change

State Records has announced that the Authority’s name officially changed to the State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales on 25 October 2016. This change added “Archives” back into the Authority’s name. Our new name is the State Archives and Records Authority of New South Wales.
This is great news as it now means we have a much easier way to describe who we are and brings focus to our identify and purposes in what we do. This change further emphasises the important role the Authority plays in providing advice on good records and archives management practices to public offices.

Maitland’s historic home for the aged, Benhome

From the Maitland Mercury report:

Work started on the Regent Street site in April this year and is expected to be completed mid to late 2017. Benhome CEO Neil Sutherland said the work involved the installation of on-site demountable buildings to accommodate a temporary kitchen, stores and staff amenities.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, 23 Dec 2016.

Maitland pioneer Edith McDonald passes away aged 109

From the Maitland Mercury report:
When Edith McDonald was born in Maitland in 1907 the average life expectancy was 47 years, only 14 per cent of homes had a bath tub and the average Aussie wage was two pounds and two shillings a week.
Mrs McDonald, one of Maitland’s pioneers, passed away on Monday at an amazing 109 years of age. She was Australia’s seventh oldest woman.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, 23 Dec 2016.