Thursday, June 14, 2012

Community prepares for bicentenary celebrations

From the Maitland Mercury report:
The history of the Woodville precinct is as long as it is intriguing.
A strapping teenager with a vision, Aboriginal people living traditional lives, the drowning of a young wife and a society with a most interesting name.
It’s been 200 years since John Tucker, aged 17 years, set up the first farm (Albion Farm) outside the penal colony of Newcastle and now the people of Woodville are ready to celebrate.
“This celebration is about the whole Woodville community and we’ll be mainly concentrating on Albion Farm, Iona Public School and Woodville School of Arts,” Woodville School of Arts publicity officer Bob Beale said.
The Woodville School of Arts committee will be at the hall on Saturday between 11am to 4pm to collect memorabilia and photos concentrating on the history of the hall, floods, Woodville families and family trees. The bicentenary will be celebrated in October.

Full article by Emma Swain available at Maitland Mercury, 13 Jun, 2012.