Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Grossmann House “BIG” Open Day

Grossmann House will be having an “Open Day” and will have everything “BIG” on display.
You know about the Big Banana, well Grossmann has THE BIG KNIFE?
This knife makes Crocodile Dundee’s “This is a Knife!” look like a toothpick!
Folding out at nearly 2 metres long and weighing over 20 kilograms you would be hard put
to get this one in your pocket, let alone sharpen your pencil!
Other “Big” things on show.
The Big Razor ; nearly four feet long when opened out – for a closer shave????
A really Big Saw –“I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK” etc. Plus there are more big saws!
The Big Axe ; for when the saw just won’t cut it!
The Big Lamp – well it looks more like a searchlight!
The Big Spanner – needs big muscles just to lift it up!
The Big Dinner Set – 150 x 100 – 150 years old and 100 pieces with no cups & saucers!
Stroll around the “big” garden and enjoy a “big” Devonshire tea.
There is even a big Bric-a-Brac stall. What a “big” day out!
Both big buildings on site open for inspection ie, Grossmann House & Brough House.
Everything’s “Big” except………the entry fee, which is very “SMALL”.
All entries at concession rate.
Proceeds go to the upkeep of these Maitland heritage National Trust properties.

Grossmann House & Brough House.
73 Church Street,
Maitland NSW 2320

Enquiries: 02 49337758