Sunday, April 12, 2015

1921 Stanley Steam Car is John Pryde's joy - Hunter Valley Steamfest

From the Maitland Mercury report:
John Pryde’s 1921 Stanley Steam Car is his pride and joy.
The Vacy man will drive the steam-powered car into Maitland for the Burton Automotive Hunter Valley Steamfest, on April 18 and 19.
Mr Pryde bought the car on November 17, 1992 in Western Australia.
“I got it going the first day I had it,” he said. “But it gave up the ghost after that and I spent my time working on it in parts.”
The Stanley Steam Car is a cross between a locomotive and an automobile.
It looks like a car, but runs on steam fired by kerosene and under the bonnet is a boiler in the place of an engine.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, April 9, 2015.