Friday, April 15, 2016

Steamfest's Great Train Race 2016 - The Garratt 6029 takes the win

From the Maitland Mercury report:
There would be few events as absolutely Maitland as the Great Train Race, and this year’s event was more intense than ever.
Four iron horses galloped from Waratah to Maitland while four tigermoth airplanes wheeled overhead.
Organisers said it was the first time in history a line-up like it had gone head-to-head.
While the tigermoths looked as if they had the day stitched-up in the end the trains took the chequered flag.
The Garratt 6029, the largest operating locomotive in the Southern Hemisphere, stormed across the line in first.
It was followed by the 5917, the 3016 and the 3642.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, April 10, 2016.