Friday, May 6, 2016

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Inspiring Genealogy Blogs

Five Things You Need to Know About Digitizing Photos
Let’s face it, scanning is tedious. You can spend hours and hours scanning, labelling and filing your photos, slides and documents. But are they then useable? Here’s some very wise words from Alison Taylor on what you should be doing when you scan your photos. Read the full article …
The Easy, Low-Tech Way to Label Scanned Photos
You’ve scanned some family photos. Great! But who is in them? With file names like IMG_1092.jpg, it isn’t readily apparent who is in the photo. Amy Johnson Crow gives us some easy low-tech ways to label our photos. Read the full article …
For Photo’s Sake Stop Scanning Every PictureWe’ve been hearing for several years now on the importance of scanning all documents and photos, so to hear that we shouldn’t scan “every” photo, is something different. Read why Denise says we shouldn’t scan  every-single-photo! Read the full article ….