Wednesday, June 1, 2016

University of Tasmania genealogy courses

Writing the Family Saga
Adventure or romance, tragedy or triumph, legends of extraordinary feats or quiet tales of everyday struggles. What kinds of stories are there in your family tree? Writing the Family Saga provides you with an opportunity to develop key skills for writing fiction and/or non-fiction based on genealogical records. You will learn about crafting and polishing engaging and readable multigenerational family history narratives.

Place, Image, Object
Homes, heirlooms, albums and art; find stories in your family treasure.
The material world surrounds us. The objects and images we have collected, and places our families have inhabited, help us in researching our family history and memories. Homes, human-shaped environments like gardens, and inherited items (some valuable, others mundane) can carry stories down through generations. Places, images, and objects are imbued with the potential to provide immediate ways of relating to your family's past, and sharing it with others.