Friday, September 2, 2016

Inside History Magazine : Winter 2016

In issue 35, the Winter (Jul-Sep) edition of Australia’s favourite history and genealogy magazine, Inside History, you’ll discover:
  • Expert photo-dating tips to trace your family
  • Colonial Australia as captured by the underrated artist ST Gill
  • 130+ new family history resources online
  • How to write your ancestor’s life story
  • The Anzac pilgrimage: practical tips + military history insights for visiting the Western Front battlefields 100 years on
  • What a rare diary hidden for 150 years reveals about Melbourne’s high society – and the city’s surprise link to the American Civil War
  • Australia’s war in the Pacific, in the skies and on the seas: untold chapters of our World War II history
  • An iconic World War I film and its mysterious real-life rescuers whose identity still puzzles historians
  • The groundbreaking 1600s map of Australia being restored
  • Stories of AIF men and women among the UK’s Imperial War Museums records