Friday, December 9, 2016

National Archives of Australia relocation

The relocation of 15 million records to the new National Archives Preservation Facility (NAPF) continues. Records are being moved at a rate of 8000 boxes per day! Many months of planning have involved:
• recording the shelf locations of more than 570,000 containers. The Archives’ collection management system takes into account the dimensions of different containers used to house items, from standard type 1 (85 per cent of the collection) to type 0 containers, which are custom-made for particular items.
• replacing damaged containers and wrapping awkward collection items
• planning for the relocation of specialist equipment, including microscopes, cameras and scanners, as well as the digital archive
• undertaking a mass clean-up, moving bulk materials and planning their transition to the NAPF.
There will be disruption to access until 1 July 2017 but you can view digitised records online and in our state and territory offices. For more information please visit the Archives’ website