Saturday, May 20, 2017

Debate about 2007 flood in Maitland

From the Maitland Mercury report:
Next month the Maitland Historical Society will host a debate to mark a decade since the devastating storm that flooded the Hunter and washed the Pasha Bulker ashore.
The Queens Birthday storm of 2007 was the last time the Belmore Bridge’s ‘major flood’ level of 10.5 metres was breached.
As the flood approached the State Emergency Service called for the evacuation of central Maitland, Lorn and the rural areas of the floodplain of the Hunter River. Hundreds of people left their homes, but many stayed behind.

The Maitland and District Historical Society will revisit the issue on Tuesday, June 6.
The discussion will take place in the Society’s Rooms at 3 Cathedral St, Maitland, beginning at 5.30pm and led by Michael Belcher and Chas Keys.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, 17 May 2017.