Sunday, January 28, 2018

Getting Your Genealogy Started, Restarted and Organised in 2018

Getting Restarted
Genealogy is a stop-start hobby that lasts years. So if you are one who is just re-starting or picking it up again, you might consider the “Do-over Book” which takes you step-by-step through reanalysing everything you have, while getting it all into an organized form.
Getting OrganisedThere’s no doubt that doing genealogy you need to be organised. The amount of paper, photos, documents, even emails, you will get relating to your research is huge. And there’s no point having information if you can’t find it, so you need to get organised. There are numerous books relating to organising. Apart from physical organisation of genealogy files, photo filing and heirloom documenting are both an important part of genealogy organisation. But don’t forget about your old slides, home movies and audio tapes – these are important and irreplaceable records. For some, writing is a way to get their research into order. No matter what aspect you’d like to focus on and learn how to improve … there’s a guide for it.More getting organised: