Sunday, January 13, 2013

Inside History Magazine

Inside History Magazine -- Issue 14: Jan-Feb 2013

Outlaws and legends: the January-February edition (issue 14), the crime special
  • Ned Kelly’s secret love? A descendant of the iconic bushranger’s alleged flame puts forward his case
  • Discover your family history to trace lawbreaking ancestors with Shauna Hicks’s guide to criminal records
  • Delve into 1930s murder mysteries with award-winning crime authors Stephen Orr and Sulari Gentill
  • We introduce the early Australian convict indents that have been digitised in colour for the first time
  • Was your ancestor a Remittance Man? Helen Leggatt shows you how to find out
  • Inside History readers share tips for deciphering tricky handwriting on historical documents
  • Plus there’s much more, including opportunities to network with other genealogists, giveaways, and book and app reviews