Thursday, January 10, 2013

Public History Review

Public History Review investigates the nature and forms of public history: how and to whom is the past communicated and how does the past operate in the present?

Volume 19, 2012 includes:
Visions of a Colony: History on (dis)play at the Museum of SydneyPDF
Armanda Scorrano 1-20
Bonegilla Heritage Park: Contesting and Co-ordinating a Public History SitePDF
Alexandra Dellios 21-42
The Contested White Lady: A Critique of New Zealand Cultural Heritage PoliticsPDF
Lindsay Neill, Eveline Duerr, Alexander Trapeznik 43-62
Colonial Figures: Memories of Street Traders in the Colonial and Early Post-colonial PeriodsPDF
Sheri Lynn Gibbings, Fridus Steijlen