Saturday, March 8, 2014

Royal Australian Histoical Society - Mitchell Library

In our last eNews we mentioned the petition about changes to the Mitchell Library click here. After just over two weeks the petition has gained over 7,000 signatures, including some very well known historians and writers along with concerned citizens. In response the library has now issued a list of questions and answers which has been posted on their website click here.

Last week we added David Scott Mitchell’s will to our Facebook page and within 24 hours over 750 people had looked at it. Some of the provisions of the will include housing the Mitchell Library in ‘a special wing or set of rooms’ and a stipulation that the Library ‘be permanently kept separately from and so as to avoid intermixture at any time with any other books or collection’. The current situation would seem to be at variance with these provisions. To read this important document for yourself click here.