Thursday, November 6, 2014

Royal Australian Historical Society events

November events:

November 19
Wednesday: 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
The NSW State archives collection comprises many linear kilometres of paper records as well as an assortment of surprising and often quirky objects, such as the model for the 19th century “Torpedo Antidote and Wave Breaker” or a 1918 mesh evening bag. Other objects include watercolour paintings on silkscreen, showing artist’s impressions of the designs for Leeton and Griffith; illuminated addresses; travel brochures; motion pictures; furniture and photographs and fabric samples. Join Gail Davis, State Records NSW, and learn more about these and other curiosities in the collection and how they became part of the State’s archives.

November 27

Thursday: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Even before the launch of the first satellites, sounding rockets were used to explore the upper reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere. Sounding rocket programs for upper atmospheric research commenced at Woomera Rocket Range in 1957.
Shortly afterwards, the Weapons Research Establishment (WRE), inaugurated its own program with the first successful Australian-built sounding rocket, Long Tom. This research would eventually lead to the development of Australia’s first satellite, WRESAT, launched in 1967. This talk will outline the technical and scientific history of the Australian sounding rocket program, examining its origins and its demise. It will look at the sequential development of the various Australian rockets and the particular research projects with which they were associated.
About the speaker: Kerrie Dougherty is Curator of Space Technology and Aviation at the Powerhouse Museum and a lecturer with the Space Humanities Department of the International Space University, based in Strasbourg, France. She is also the author of Space Australia and a number of original research papers on Australian space history.
November 27

Thursday: 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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Join Suzanne Holohan, RAHS Executive Officer, for a presentation and discussion on volunteering and managing volunteers. Volunteers play a key role in the not-for-profit sector. This webinar will examine the delights and challenges of managing a volunteer programme. It will examine managing volunteers with diverse skill sets and requirements, steps to retain your existing volunteers and recruit new volunteers. It will also provide an overview of recent legislative changes that impact the volunteer workforce.