Sunday, May 3, 2015

NSW State Records : World War I resources online for the Centenary of Anzac

State Records is a lead agency in the extensive New South Wales Centenary of World War I and Anzac commemorative program taking place between August 2014 and November 2018. The full program is being overseen by the NSW Centenary of Anzac Advisory Council and has been endorsed by Cabinet. As part of the commemoration program, State Records is proud to honour the Centenary of World War I and Anzac with new online resources on the centenary of the landing of Anzac forces at Gallipoli.

New Anzac web pages: Gallipoli campaign

On the Centenary of the landing of ANZAC troops on the Gallipoli peninsula, we have added three new pages to our NSW Anzac Centenary website.
The first page includes a selection of records from the State archives relating to the Gallipoli campaign, two including maps of the Gallipoli peninsula at either end of the campaign, a report on the Anzac battle tactics, two photos of Gallipoli souvenirs in NSW, and even a printed poem for the fallen soldiers left behind.