Saturday, June 3, 2017

Inside History Magazine - Autumn 2017 edition

In issue 38, the Autumn 2017 edition of Australia’s favourite history and genealogy magazine, you’ll discover:
  • 150+ new family history resources and records online
  • The daring escapades and escapes of a 20th-century WA bushranger
  • The future of genealogy: Shauna Hicks on what’s to come
  • An eccentric Australian artist and the controversial 1944 court case that divided the art world
  • A tale of two convicts: two men convicted for the same crime in 1817 who went on to lead very different lives
  • Unsung Aussie hero Joice NanKivell Loch
  • An eyewitness account and rescue attempt in Pompeii after the fateful eruption — behind the scenes of the ANMM’s latest exhibition
  • Expert photo-dating tips on postcard portraits
  • The legends (and history) of Elizabeth Scott, alleged murderess
  • Australia’s new additions to the UNESCO Memory of the World register, from early records to Dorothea Mackellar’s poetry to Indigenous artworks
  • Around Australia in 11 World Heritage listed convict sites
  • The latest history news, events, book and app reviews, and more. On sale now!