Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maitland historic home sells for $650,000 at auction - Old Pitnacree Close

From the Maitland Mercury report:
well-known Victorian home in Pitnacree has gone under the hammer and been sold for $650,000.
The property at 10 Old Pitnacree Close, built circa 1880, had received strong interest from prospective buyers in the lead-up to Saturday’s auction.
It had attracted about 100 people to each hour-long open house held every Saturday in the weeks leading up to the auction, according to Century 21 Ransom Real Estate director Greg Ransom.
Wallalong couple Cathy and Steve Davies bought the historic property.
Named Boreewan, which means meeting place, the property was built in the late 19th century on Crown land given to the owners as a grant in 1863.

Full article available at Maitland Mercury, Nov. 15, 2015.